100 Women
 As part of BBC 100 Women 2016 we’re asking the question is the internet sexist? If you’re a woman, you’re 27 times more likely to be abused online. If you’re in the developing world, nearly 25% fewer women than the men around you have access to the Internet. If you are searching on the Internet, the search engine is likely to be designed by men. Only 1 in 3 google staff is a woman. 

 So if we women are harassed, if we don’t see them represented and if they can’t get online at all…is the internet sexist? And can you do something about it? Only 15% of Wikipedia editors are women and less than 17% of notable profiles are of women. Half of the BBC’s 100 women over 3 years still do not have a Wikipedia page. Are you outraged? Don’t worry, you can do something about it on Thursday 8th December. 100 Women is joining up with Wikipedia to hold a 12 hour edit-a-thon to encourage more women to become editors on the site and increase the articles and profiles about women written by anyone. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. We will provide you with the tools and help you need. We will be combining the reach and resources of both Wikipedia and the BBC and this project will run for the whole day in various countries, in various languages simultaneously. Editors in locations from around the world will include BBC staff, our audience, special guests and the Wikipedia community, to add forgotten women to the site and edit some entries of their choosing. We’re looking for volunteers to come to one of our events – or to start their own. To get friends, guests or colleagues together, learn how to edit Wiki articles and add their nomination of a women forgotten history, a notable woman that has never made it on to the site, or fill in more details of an inspirational woman whose small profile doesn’t reflect her contribution. When? Thursday 8th December 0800-2000 GMT. Main events are 1100-1400 GMT. Why? 100Women ends with a mass participation event – last year 150 simultaneous debates happened in 50 countries in 10 languages – we exist to increase female presence and make content that is particularly attractive to young women around the world. This is the finale of our season and what we are asking people to get involved with this year. How? Get in touch This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will help you set yours up and contribute to the live page and content on the BBC outlets throughout the day. What will be the content? All edits in all languages will be recorded and live tweeted, gathering around shared hashtags #100womenwiki. The BBC will have a live page and the event will be reported on various programmes and platforms over the course of the day. The goal is to make a visible impact on the 7th most visited site in the world. We’re hoping for new pages, new edits, better citations, longer articles and more language editors. What do I need? The best way to make a Wiki entry is via Laptops as they are the most friendly. You don’t need to bring anything if you’re coming to our event in London. For all other bureax and audiences at home, please try and use laptops to make your entries as it will be easier! Exactly will I need to do on the day? You have 3 options to participate – 1. Come to an event and we will provide you with the knowledge and info to make small edits that you can do like adding photos, information and stubs (the basic new page of a wiki article) 2. If you can’t come to an event – check out www.bbc.co.uk/100women and watch a how to video on becoming a wiki editor – make your changes on the 8th of December and tweet using #100womenwiki so we can pick up your edit and share it. 3. If you know of a woman that you believe should be on Wikipedia, do some research, come to an event equipped with your sourced facts and we will try to help you add her. You can check out what makes a notable person. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Notability_(people) You can’t add yourself or your mate but there are thousands of women who should be on and who aren’t. Why? This is your chance to add your voice, to recognise women’s achievements and be part of something. You will be able to say…..today, I made the internet (a little) less sexist.