Ripple in the Sand by Ruth McDonald

Ruth McDonald is showing work in a satellite exhibition at Lombard Street Gallery Margate of the current exhibition at Turner Contemporary Margate based on T.S Eliot's poem The Waste Land. The exhibition is on until 7th May.

Safe Harbour By Ruth McDonald 

In 1921, T.S. Eliot spent a few weeks in Margate at a crucial moment in his career. He arrived in a fragile state, physically and mentally, and worked on The Waste Land sitting in the Nayland Rock shelter on Margate Sands. The poem was published the following year, and proved to be a pivotal and influential modernist work, reflecting on the fractured world in the aftermath of the First World War as well as Eliot’s own personal crisis.

Below is a link to the Turner website which features two of my collgraph prints

Images: Shelter where Eliot wrote the poem.