Soraya was born in Tehran and graduated with a diploma in Natural Science in 1975, and went on to study Agricultural Engineering at Tehran University. Due to political unrest in Iran she abandoned her course and decided to live in Rome for a year. In 1977 she came to England to study English in Cambridge and went on to do Business Studies at Constable College in Tunbridge Wells.

A versatile artist, Soraya works in watercolours, oils, pastels, acrylics and mixed media in a variety of subject matters such as the urban landscape, musicians, café scenes and African market scenes. Light and colour are the two important elements in her paintings together with semi abstract passages and a sense of ambiguity, where she allows the viewer to make up the story.

Soraya is currently the President of the Andover Art Society, and is also a regular contributor to The Artist Magazine. She has published two books commissioned by HarperCollins titled respectively 30 minute Acrylics and Dynamic Acrylics. Both books have proved to be a worldwide success. She is a demonstrator for GOLDEN Acrylics and Caran D’Ache, and demonstrates her painting techniques to art groups and societies in the south of England and London

She also tutors courses at Dedham Hall, Jack Beck House, Earnley concourse , West Norfok Art Centre and Ma Saurine in the south of France.

Soraya’s studio is in Weyhill, Hampshire where she works and runs occasional workshops.


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