The Journey

Artist Name
Helen Sinclair

‘The Journey’ is the maquette for a sculpture commissioned by Marymount University Hospital and Hospice in Cork, Ireland and is a celebration of Life and its complex layers and rhythms.

The essential shape of the sculpture is circular and the figures (diminutive in the context of the whole sculpture, as we all are in the cosmos) are making their shared journey through and around the 'circle of life'. The circle is made up of twelve horizontal shafts, echoing the months of the year and the rhythm of life. The gradation in the lengths of the shafts corresponds to the changing length of the day throughout the year. The first/lowest shaft represents January when the daylight hours are short and they get incrementally longer until June, then shorter again

The full-sized sculpture will be, like the maquette, bronze, cast from reclaimed wood and will stand approximately three metres tall outside the entrance of Marymount. It is due for installation in 2017.

Bronze (edition of 9)
Size of Work
; H66 x W51 x D19cm; approx. 20kg;


Price of Work: £6,500.00
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