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Seven Sisters, Three Men and a Boat

Artist Name
Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky

‘Seven sisters, Three men and a Boat’ is a re-interpreted landscape with distorted perspectives of time and space that lends a dreamlike quality to the picture. The well known coastline is transformed by the presence of a modern container ship that dwarfs the beauty of the view with its man-made shape and colour: a stamp of our time.
The three men in the rowing boat is intended to bring in a different dimension altogether. Jerome K. Jerome, the 19th century author’s book was meant to be a serious travel guide of the River Thames, but ended up being an example of timeless British wit. The humour that I hoped to evoke with the ‘sunset’ the boat is heading towards, which may also be interpreted as a buoy. I ‘placed’ the ‘three men’ in the picture to counter-balance the scale of the landscape and the hugeness of the ship (the ‘Boat’ in the title). Putting it all in perspective for the viewer: humaneness should still be at the heart of things.

The painting is part of a 7 picture series that depicts the east and south coast of England and was conceived during two boat trips I made in 2014 and 2015. They also reflect my uneasiness regarding the events that have been taking place in the Mediterranean: the exodus that is taking place to get to Europe, the treacherous boat trips, so many choose to undertake, in the hope of reaching the ‘promised land’.

acrylic on linen
Size of Work
75 x 55 cm
Price of Work: £1,200.00
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