The SWA are delighted to announce that next year’s dates have just been confirmed by Mall Galleries.
We have decided that owing to the extremely well received reviews for this year’s Exhibition we shall be hiring for one week only all three galleries: The Main, North and Threadneedle Space Monday 3 July – Sunday 9 July.
05/01/2017 Monday Digital Selection OPENS for Non members and all Sculptors 
23/03/2017 Thursday Digital Selection  for Non members and all Sculptors Closes Mid Day
31/03/2017 Friday Digital selection results available on line log back in at -
06/05/2017 Saturday Hand in
07/05/2017 Sunday Selection
08/05/2017 Monday Selection
10/05/2017 Wed   Results Available on Line for artists to check SWA Website
12/05/2017 Friday Collection of unselected work
30/05/2017 Monday Buyer/Visitor Invite Mailing 
TBC          Sculptures Delivered to the Mall
04/07/2017 Tues 4.00 open to the public 6.30 - Special PV
05/07/2017 Wed  Private View and Awards Ceremony with HRH 
09/07/2017 Sunday Show closes at 3.00 
14/07/2017 Friday Collection of unsold work
15/07/2017 Saturday Collection of unsold work