Patron: HRH Princess Michael of Kent
President: Soraya French 
Exec. Secretary: Rebecca Cotton
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Another succesful show came to an end with many great award recipients and excellent visitor numbers. 

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HRH Princess Michael of Kent Watercolour Award - 'Lion Tamarin' - Pamela Stone
£2,000 SWA President's Award - ‘The Sky Turned Upside Down’ by Helen Sinclair ASWAImage 002
£500 Special Fine Art Award - ‘Legacy of War’ by Christine Southworth
The Barbara Tate Memorial Award - ‘Battersea Reborn’ by Cathy Read SWA
The Caron Keating Memorial Award - ‘I am eva’ - Domenika Zurawska
Premium Art Brands Award for a Young Artist - ‘Daniel’ by Hayley Brown
The Great Art Award - ‘BATHERS’ by Anna Mazzotta
Derwent Art Materials Award - ‘Why’ by Stephie Butler ASWA
Frank Herring & Sons Easel Award - ‘Blues Saxophonist’ by Andie Clay SWA
Rosemary & Co Art Prize - 'Naked Lunch' by ZE LING
London Art Co.Uk Website Entry - ‘Blue Moon at Mount Ephrain’ by Ruth McDonald
London Art Co.Uk. Special Sculpture Award - ‘Amy’ by Kathy Prest SWA
The Artist, 'Editors Choice' Award - ‘Noemie’ by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf SWA
The St. Cuthbert's Paper Mill Award - ‘Seventeen' by Elaine Speirs
Jackson's Visitors Choice Award



These informal demonstrations by Member artists will take place approximately between l lam - 3.30pm at the Mall Galleries. Please click on the dates below for more information.

SWA 154th Exhibition


Mon 8 June - Eiko Yoshimoto - Mono type work
Tues 9 June - Cathy Read SWA - Drawing with Making Fluid
Wed 10 June - Sue Nicholson - Wildlife Sculpture making
Thur 11 June - Joanne Powell - Moody & atmospheric landscapes
Fri 12 June - Arina Gordienko - Portraiture Drawing


Click images to view, print or download flyer and invite.

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